Energy Observer - Innovative hybrid solar/wind self-generating hydrogen-powered vessel currently circumnavigating 

Energy Observer - Innovative hybrid solar/wind self-generating hydrogen-powered vessel currently circumnavigating 

Speculative Biofuels & Misc


Fuels Made from Air (CO2 & H2)


Inexpensive Catalyst for Solar Conversion of CO2


New Research Launched to See if Fuel Made from Recycled Plastic Could Power Ship Engines

Plaxx is an innovative marine diesel fuel made from waste plastic - of which there are essentially unlimited quantities - entering testing.


New eco-hybrid fuel could help to reduce shipping pollution

New Atlas report on speculative hybrid petroluem/waste shipping fuel using major waste stream from biodiesel production, glycerol.


A Self-Fueling Boat Just Set Sail on a Six-Year Worldwide Journey

The amazing Energy Observer plans to circumnavigate for 6 years using a combination of solar, wind, and hydrogen from sea water.


Scientists seek to harvest electricity from algae in green-energy effort

Scientists are making progress in harnessing electricity from algae in what could be a breakthrough in green-energy technology to combat climate change, although mass-market applications are years away, new research suggests.


Climate Change Will Worsen Nitrogen Runoff, Algae and Dead Zones, Study Says

A new study published in Science says that algae quantities will increase by 19% in the US.


Wave Energy Concept Ready for Ship Propulsion

Wave energy technology is ready to be combined with solar and wind power to create zero emission ships, says ZShips International CCC. ZShips is a Canadian company readying a proprietary wave power system that uses oscillating water columns integrated into a ship's hull.


HybridMaster 4.8, up to 30 hp - 48 V / 3.6-4.8 kW 

The HybridMaster is a compact electrical propulsion system that can be combined with every type/brand of engine with capacities up to 45 hp and with existing propeller.


Chemists Find New Method For Recycling Common Plastics As Fuel

Researchers from the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (SIOC) and University of California, Irvine (UCI) have discovered a new way to process the millions of tons of waste plastic we produce each year into usable fuel.


Norway and California Team Up on Decarbonization

California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. has welcomed Norway to the Under2 Coalition - the global pact of cities, states and countries committed to limiting the increase in global average temperature to below two degrees Celsius. The news follows an agreement on green shipping between California and the Norwegian Maritime Authority.