Electric Skiff in Amsterdam Canal (Photo by P. Wilcox)

Electric Skiff in Amsterdam Canal (Photo by P. Wilcox)

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mastervolt hybridmaster ultra add-on hybrid power

Dutch company Mastervolt is now making clever series and parallel piggyback electric propulsion systems to create an integrated hybrid system while keeping a vessel's existing diesel plant that can be run on Renewable or Biodiesel power for a complete low-carbon vessel.  The German company Siemens sell related parallel electric propulsion systems.


Norwegian-made electric ferries could reduce pollution in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour

South China Morning Post reports on the local engineers concerns given that Hong Kong's electricity is anything but green. In this case, electric propulsion would be a step backward.

wa state learns from norwegian experience to retrofit its largest ferries to hybrid power

As part of "Washington Blue," the state's new marine greening program, Washington state is retrofitting its three largest ferries to hybrid diesel-electric.  (Hopefully, this will soon become hybrid RENEWABLE diesel-electric!  Big fuel costs savings are an anticipated result.

Statoil Contract Refits Seven Vessels with Hybrid Power

Norwegian oil giant lightens the impact of its ocean drilling operations with electric offshore supply vessels.

A Charge Unanswered is a Charge Believed: The real economics of charging vs fueling

Why biofuels are necessary as part of a transition for existing infrastructure. This is a huge factor when looking at the Inside Passage's marine fleet economics.

New “Instantly Rechargeable” Battery Deals a Fatal Blow to Fossil Fuels

Don't just think PowerWalls or Firefly batteries, the so-called "Flow," instantly-rechargeable battery will be a game changer, if it gets to market.

First of Kind Hybrid Power Module Introduced

Wärtsilä's announcement of a fully-integrated hybrid ship propulsion system.

Peace Boat and Arctech Sign for Ecoship

Japan's largest cruise ship company has signed a letter of intent to build what could easily be the world's greenest cruse ship, the "Ecoship.

All American to build hybrid-electric passenger ferry

SF's Red and White Fleet has signed a contract for the construction of a 600' hybrid-electric ferry.


24-vehicle, 149 passenger retrofitted ferry will be the 2nd electric car ferry in the world.  Is that a trend?  When will see the first all electric ferries in the NW?

Electromobility: Electromobility - Setting a Course for Carbon-Free Shipping

Siemens' perspective on the world's first battery-powered car and passenger ferry in Norway. Very clever battery solution!


Integrated hybrid electric propulsion for smaller boats. Expensive but elegantly engineered.

Torqeedo electric (mostly outboard) boat drives

Torqeedo's German outboards and new inboards just keep getting better, and they were already the best in many ways. Their Deep Blue series comes in engines with integrated control battery systems up to 80hp. Their Travel series includes a 1 1/2 HP-equivalent motor with the Lithium-Ion battery integral to the outboard, as used on Ama Natura's dinghy.

e-propulsion's navy electric outboards - another electric outboard option

Navy electric outboards are available in 3 or 6 horsepower equivalents, and they have a lightweight kayak/canoe electric.

Electric Seas - A Resource for ThE Electric Boating Community

A Great Resource for the Electric Boating Community. You willl find it (almost) all here!


Australian store specializing in electric boat engines and solar.

The Gunboat G4 Is A Fully Foiling Tesla

Very fast Dutch catamaran w/Oceanvolt propulsion.

Solar Sailor enters Sydney Harbour (2000)

17 years and still going strong in Sydney's harbor, the revolutionary electric ferry, Solar Sailor.

Foss’s second hybrid tugboat employs new, more-powerful lithium polymer batteries

Professional Mariner reports that the lithium polymer batteries in Campbell Foss, made by Corvus Energy Ltd. of Richmond, British Columbia, are lighter and more powerful than the conventional lead-acid batteries in Foss’s first hybrid tug.


Stockholm ferry operator Ballerina has introduced a new, electrically propelled passenger ferry, built in composite material, that runs smoothly, comfortably and with essentially none of the noise that accompanies combustion-engined vessels.

Elegant and nearly silent 21' electric boats

The experience and expertise in engineering, naval architecture and renewable energy allowed us to create the perfect boat - our first green dream.

Innovative electric ferries for greener water transport

Description of an EU-funded project to come up with new standard electric ferry for Europe, designed for wind-generated eletricity.