Georgia Strait Massive Algal Bloom 2016 (Photo by P. Wilcox)

Georgia Strait Massive Algal Bloom 2016 (Photo by P. Wilcox)

Algae - A Prospective Biofuel

What’s Up with the Algae Biofuels Industry?

31 Algae players, what do they make now, and how are they making out?


The state of R&D so far. 4 NAABB advances have brought the cost of algae biocrude oil down to $7.50 per gallon.

3 roadblocks remain between today’s cost and $3.00. In Biofuels Digests' two-part series, we get a look first at the breakthroughs that have radically changed the costs and outlook. In Part II, we look at where the opportunities lie to reach $2.00 per gallon algae biocrude oil.


Where are we with algae biofuels? PART II

In Part II, Biofuels Digest looks at where the opportunities lie to reach $2.00 per gallon algae biocrude oil.


Micro-algae biodiesel reduces up to 80 pct high-powered engines contamination

The first Chilean tests of microalgae biodiesel in high-powered diesel engines show that a reduction of gases emissions and particulate matter. of up to 80 per cent can be achieved


Microalgae Create Green Fuel, Reduce Food Insecurity

Taken from the bottom of the marine food chain, microalgae may soon become a top-tier contender to combat global warming, as well as energy and food insecurity, according to a study by researchers associated with the Cornell Algal Biofuel Consortium, published in the journal Oceanography (December 2016).


Celebrating Canada's 150th: A Short History of the Biofuel Industry in CA

An extensive and useful look into the players and progress by fuel type.


Chilean scientists produce biodiesel from microalgae

From Reuters: Chilean scientists are trying to improve algae growing technology to ramp up production at a low cost using limited energy.


Making Algae Obese: Synthetic Genomics, ExxonMobil breakthrough brings algae fuels clearer, closer

In California at the annual BIO convention, ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics announced a breakthrough in joint research into advanced biofuels involving the improvement of the Nannochloropsis gaditana algae strain. Currently at proof of concept scale, at the productivity rates seen under lab conditions, the strain could produce up to 1600 gallons per acre per year of lipids suitable for low-carbon fuels


Algae, algae, algae: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Global Algae Innovations

Terrific Biofuels digest overview of the current state of algal fuels and profitable by-products. Per the article, algal farming is like getting a full crop every week, with lipid production at 40-50 times other feedstocks.


Climate change is making algal blooms worse

From Nature: A study has unpicked how warming ocean temperatures have already driven an intensification of blooms around North America — the first time this link has been established at an ocean scale.


Hard Lessons From the Great Algae Biofuel Bubble

Economic algal-based biofuel has been an elusive target for more than a decade, and still is. This is an assessment by a venture capitalist thinks it may always be that, and he certainly could be right. Or not.


Biofuels: History, Demonstrations, End-products, Production Process, Costs

Algae basics from what appears to be an industry-funded website.


Saltwater-Based Algae Biodiesel Could be Cost Competitive with Petroleum Diesel?

Gas2's optimistic take on saltwater algae's potential, including examples.


Alabama Gets First-In-World Carbon-Negative Algae Biofuel

Carbon-negative algal biofuel from sewage waste treatment plant floating bioreactor bags. A possible smaller scale fuel solution for ports with treatment plants.


2016 National Algal Biofuels Technology Review

The definitive document on where algal biofuel scaling is at from the US Dept. of Energy (DOE).