A Bio-Rigged Ship - The first IPDP song...for youngers and olders!

I recently wrote a song for young sailors and boaters....It's sung to the tune of The New Rigged Ship from sometime before the 19th c. Sing it loud and clear. Then let’s make it happen!

Bio-Rigged Ship in D – to the tune of The New Rigged Ship (Trad.) Lyrics by Capt. Peter Wilcox with 1st Mate Bridget Bayer © 2019

Yes, we go on trips
In a bio-rigged ship
Through the Inside Passage sea-ea

Water loving folks
Know that oil’s no joke
For the Inside Passage spe-cies

Our orca brothers are a-hurting
And our salmon sisters too
Come the end of these Passage spe-cies Might mean the end of we

By helping each other every day
We create a greener way
And write a happier stor-y
Of the Inside Passage sea

Tough bit-u-men fuels
Oil fracked by fools
Trap too much heat in the wa-ters

While clean fuel and oils
Help the waters cool, you-see


Now shorepower too
Can be renewed
Without oil in its mak-ing

Wind-tide-sun and waves
Can the air we breathe save
Health for all we love, that’s righ-ight


Using wastes and the sun
Making energy is fun!
Cleaning up for the future

With the young, hand in hand
Every woman and man
We’ll save all the see-cies