A Bio-Rigged Ship - The first IPDP song...for youngers and olders!

Finally realized that A Bio-Rigged Ship mostly wants to be a children's song....It's sung to the tune of The New Rigged Ship from sometime before the 19th c. Sing it loud and clear! Then let’s make it happen. There’s one more verse needed - that’s under way..

Bio-Rigged Ship in D – to the tune of The New Rigged Ship (Trad.) Lyrics by Capt. Peter Wilcox with 1st Mate Bridget Bayer © 2019

Yes, we go on trips
In a bio-rigged ship
Through the Inside Passage sea-ea

Water loving folks
Know that oil’s no joke
For the Inside Passage spe-cies

Our orca brothers are a-hurting
And our salmon sisters too
Come the end of these Passage spe-cies Might mean the end of we

By helping each other, wise friends
We create a greener end
And write a happier stor-y
Of the Inside Passage sea

Tough bit-u-men fuels
Oil fracked by fools
Trap too much heat in the wa-ters

Clean fuels and oils
Keep the waters clean, you-see


Now shorepower too
Can be also renewed
With oil gone from its mak-ing

Wind-tide-sun and waves
Can the air we breathe save
Helping all we love, that’s righ-ight
Helping all we love, that’s right!