3. Absence of Clean Marine Fuel and Power Options in the Inside Passage

Our own “Inside Passagemaker,” Ama Natura, has for almost 10 years been cruising the NW’s Inside Passage waterway with 99.9% waste-sourced biodiesel and bio-based lubricants.  That is, until we exceeded AMA’s roughly 1,100NM range and had to put dirty diesel in her tanks on the way back from SE Alaska.  As our voyaging grew louder, smokier and much less healthy for ourselves and the wild marine animals whose world we were sharing, this felt plain awful.

That’s because, in spite of persistent attempts to find even just one, there are no longer any biofuel marine fuel pumps - and little renewably-produced shore power - anywhere in the Inside Passage. Some exceptions are Blind Channel, BC, which is working at adding tidal power!  And Ports Hardy and McNeill, which have a 100% mix of wind and safe hydro shorepower.

Science and industry now can make waste-sourced drop-in fuels that eliminate earlier problems with food conflicts, longer term storage and consistent quality.  Starting now, the lack of access to low carbon fuels, clean lubricants and renewable shore power in the Inside Passage has to change! 

To learn more about steps you can take now, check out the Start Decarb'ing pages.

Welcome aboard the IPDP!