2. Renewably-Powered Vessels Increasing

The shift to clean, low or no carbon marine fuels began - around the world – over 20 years ago.  In 2014 the Great Lakes already had over 350 commercial ships and large boats using biodiesel, according to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab run by the US’s NOAA (National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration).  The growing number of renewably-powered vessels now also includes both electric – frequently with substantial solar and/or wind charging - and a significant number of hydrogen vessels.

When my wife and I visited England, the Netherlands and Denmark four years ago to learn more about the hydrogen-powered ferries in each of those countries; what we found were passenger vessels that almost magically leave the water cleaner in their wake than at their bows.  And we were surprised to see that somewhere close to half of the boats running in those northern countries’ canals employed electric propulsion!  By now, there have to be many more.  (You will find photos of some of these boats on the Resources page.)

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