1. Beginning of the End of High Carbon Fuels and Power in the Inside Passage

Welcome to the beginning of the end of high carbon, high polluting marine fuels in the Northwest’s beautiful and wild Inside Passage marine waterway!  Welcome also to this new website and its first blog. 

Most of you who work or play around ships and boats well understand that the warming ocean and atmosphere require us to change how we are powering and lubricating our cars, trucks, AND vessels.  Like the landmark Paris agreement among virtually all the world’s nations to do what it takes to hold the increase to 2 degrees Celsius, we boaters must shift to propulsion that is clean, green and, above all else, carbon free.  

This website and the deeply experienced green boaters and clean fuel developers behind it are here to help you not only join, but to help lead this change in your port and community. 

If you are still uncertain about the damaging challenges the Inside Passage is facing with the rest of the marine world and the need to change how we propel and lubricate our vessels, The Problems page in the Resources section provides some examples of the solid evidence of this.

There can be clear sailing ahead!  Let me welcome you aboard!


The beautiful Broughtons (Photo by P. Wilcox)